Blackbushe Airport Consultative Committee

The Blackbushe Airport Consultative Committee meets bi-annually to provide a forum in which the Airport can engage with key stakeholders, including local residents and interested groups.  The BACC includes local councillors from the parish councils of Bramshill, Eversley and Hartley Wintney; from the town councils of Blackwater & Hawley, Sandhurst, and Yateley; and from Hart District, Rushmoor Borough and Hampshire County Council.  It also includes representatives from the Yateley Society, Yateley Common Joint Management Committee, Yateley Commoners and the Local Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  Management from Blackbushe Airport will be joined by a representative from the Blackbushe User's Group.

Below you can find minutes from our previous meetings.  Minutes will be uploaded following meetings, and agendas will be published in the week preceding a meeting.

Meeting Minutes: Thursday 2nd March 2017

Agenda: Wednesday 4th October 2017

Meeting Minutes: Wednesday 4th October 2017

Agenda: Thursday 1st March 2018

Meeting Minutes: Wednesday 7th March 2018 (Meeting Delayed due to Adverse Weather)

Agenda: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Meeting Minutes: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Includes: Blackbushe Airport Update, Update on Common Land Deregistration, and Noise Register

Agenda: Thursday 21st March 2019

Meeting Minutes: Thursday 21st March 2019

Includes: Blackbushe Airport Update, Update on Common Land Deregistration, and Noise Register

Agenda: Thursday 10th October 2019

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY 10TH OCTOBER 2019, 19:30.


Please note access to this room will only be available from 19:15 onwards.

The meetings are open to the public, however time for questions is limited to 15 minutes.  The public are encouraged to submit any points or questions to their local councillors in order that they can be addressed within the agenda.

The Committee

A full list of committee members and organisations are below:

Organisation / RoleRepresented ByContact Details
Chairman (Independent)Mike Pearsonvia Secretary
Vice-Chairman (Independent)Cliff Hawkinsvia Secretary
Secretary (Independent)Clare
Blackbushe Airport Ltd (Airport Manager)Chris
Blackwater & Hawley Town
Blackwater & Hawley Town CouncilCllr Terry HuntContact
Bramshill Parish
Eversley Parish
Eversley Parish CouncilCllr Colin EdgeContact
Hampshire County CouncilCllr Adrian CollettContact
Hampshire County CouncilCllr David SimpsonContact
Hart District CouncilCllr Robert HarwardContact
Hart District CouncilCllr Gerry CrispContact
Hartley Wintney Parish
Rushmoor Borough CouncilCllr Peter CullumContact
Rushmoor Borough CouncilCllr John WoolleyContact
Sandhurst Town CouncilCllr Sheila DavenportContact
Sandhurst Town CouncilCllr Steve ThomasContact
Yateley SocietyTony
Yateley SocietyJohn
Yateley Town
Yateley Town CouncilCllr Tony SpencerContact