Airport Charges

Our current price list is available in PDF format by the links below.  Please choose whether you would like to view the list including VAT, or excluding VAT.  All invoices will include VAT unless a valid exemption applies.

Blackbushe Airport Price List (including VAT)

Blackbushe Airport Price List (excluding VAT)

Credit Account

We provide credit account facilities with a weekly billing cycle.  This allows you to land, take fuel, and depart, without the need to pay.  All credit account facilities require either a Direct Debit or a Credit Card CPA.  To apply for a Credit Account, please use the application form below:

Credit Account Application

Fuel Prices

Last updated 05/06/2019

AVGAS-100LL  £1.47 per litre (+VAT)
AVGAS-UL91  £1.47 per litre (+VAT)
JET-A1  £0.75 per litre (+VAT)

Rotors Running Refuelling

Blackbushe is pleased to announce that we now offer Rotors Running Re-Fuelling.  We understand the need for a fast and efficient stop to pick up fuel.  Rotors running refuels are available with Jet A-1 for those wishing for a quick 'splash & dash'.  Advanced notification will be required and is subject to availability.  For confirmation on which aircraft types are eligible please contact us at

Aircraft Parking

We have plenty of space for aircraft with outside parking both on the grass or on the hard standing.  Our rates for parking are included within our Airport Price List.  Our Parking and Landing agreement can be found here:

Blackbushe Airport Parking & Landing Agreement

Airport Identification Badges

From 1st March 2018, all pilots of home-based aircraft must have a valid Airport ID Card which can be obtained from the airport administration office

Student pilots do not need an Airport ID card until such time as they embark on solo flights.

To apply for an airport ID badge, please use the application form below:

ID Card Application