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Last Update: 14/02/2018

De-registration of Blackbushe Airport from Yateley Common

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In early 2016 plans were submitted to Hart District Council for the future development of Blackbushe Airport (See Vision). These plans outlined the proposal to build new hangars, offices and a replacement Terminal facility on the south side of the airfield, adjacent to the A30. When this development proposal was presented to both Hart District Council and later to the Blackbushe Airport Consultative Committee, it was met with a favourable response. However, one concern that was raised in both meetings was the need to also satisfy the requirements of the Commons Act 2006.

Application to De-Register

The Airport and our legal team reviewed carefully the complexities of the Commons Act 2006 to determine the most appropriate action. Our determination was that the only satisfactory way of doing this was to seek to de-register the land that the airfield occupies, (see the map below). De-registration of the land that the airfield occupies would allow the building works to proceed.

CommonsAct2006Section22Schedule2Paragraph62ApplicationNo0316 (3)_Page_3.jpg

In October 2016 an application was submitted to Hampshire County Council under Paragraph 6 of Schedule 2 of the Commons Act 2006 to de-register the 114.87 acres comprising the active airfield from the common land register. Under the conditions of the Commons Act 2006, this application had to be made to the commons registry authority, in this case Hampshire County Council (HCC). At this time, HCC indicated it would be unlikely that they would be able to impartially decide the case, and would most likely be referred to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for decision.

Consultation Period

A public consultation was held from 24th August to 8th October 2017 in which members of the public, and other interested parties were invited to respond to HCC. These responses were collated and provided to Blackbushe Airport on 21st December 2017. They consisted of 103 objections, and 10 letters of support. On 1st February 2018 Blackbushe Airport provided a response to these objections to HCC. A copy of this letter can be viewed here.

Referral to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS)

HCC were then not able to refer our case to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) until 9th July 2018. This delay was caused by a combination of the complexity of the case along with a lack of resources within HCC.

PINS formally accepted our case on the 6th August 2018. Since that date, they have written to all interested parties asking them whether they would be prepared to speak or attend an inquiry. On 6th September 2018 PINS confirmed that a public inquiry will be held.


In summary, the Airport only seeks to re-develop the airfield itself, to provide better facilities and to generate future employment for the area, without having a detrimental impact on the local community and its recreational activities.

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Blackbushe Airport is committed to engaging with the local community. If you would like to know more, or if you have a question you would like us to answer, please attend one of our biennial Consultative Committee meetings (see here for the next meeting).

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Background and Application | Public Inquiry | Submissions on behalf of Blackbushe Airport | FAQs