Weather Cam

This webcam positioned on our tower, points West. It is intended to provide information to pilots on the current weather conditions at Blackbushe. The pictures and information supplied on this page are not a substitute for weather reports and forecasts provided by trained Met observers, and all information must be regarded as unofficial information only. Blackbushe Airport accepts no responsibility for any consequences of using this information as a sole or primary point of reference for flying activity.

The tree line above the green hangars on the left of the picture is greater than 1,500 metres, and can provide an indication of visibility on the aerodrome.

Weather Information

Weather information is supplied by Skylink Pro from a weather station located at Blackbushe Airport.

Webcam Disclaimer

Our webcam streaming image is solely for informative purposes, and should not be used for any surveillance or any lawful or unlawful purpose other than those stated above.
Our webcam stream does not infringe any individual rights or personal integrity due to the positioning of the webcam at a height and angle that prevent any viewer from identifying and individuals with complete certainty.
All images and streaming on this website are copyrighted and must not be copied, without official authorisation from Blackbushe Airport Ltd.