Legal Restrictions on Drones near Airports

On 13 March 2019 the drone Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ) around airports and airfields changed. The new rules include the Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) which has a radius of 2 Nautical Miles (NM) around the runway centre. It also includes a 5km x 1km area extending from each end (or “threshold”) of the runway. Both zones extend up to 2,000 ft above the airport. The Blackbushe FRZ is shown below:

It is illegal to fly any drone at any time within these restricted zones unless you have permission from air traffic control at the airport or, if air traffic control is not operational, from the airport itself.

Drones may also be referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and the legislation also encompasses model aircraft.

Fly Drone Safe

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and NATS (National Air Traffic Services) have published a website which provides important safety information for all drone operators. Please familiarise yourself with it, and make use of the apps for your smartphone or tablet:


How to Obtain Permission

Operators of drones should inform Blackbushe Airport as soon as possible when they intend to operate. Each drone operation will need to be risk assessed by the airport team prior to approval. It is therefore recommended to provide at least 72 hours notice. Operators can complete the form below to make a request to operate. Please note, until an approval is issued by Blackbushe Airport, drones must not be operated in the FRZ.

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