Full documents and policies regarding the use of Blackbushe Airport can be found on the links below. All operators agree to abide by these documents when operating from Blackbushe Airport.

Practical information associated with using Blackbushe is contained on this page.

Opening Hours

Blackbushe Airport is open from 07:00 local to 18:00 local, 7 days per week.

During British Summer Time, Out of Hours Flying is available to approved members under certain conditions. For more information see our Out of Hours Policy. Contact us to become a member.

Extensions are available from 18:00 to 22:00 local on request, either Tower Only or including RFFS provision in accordance with our price list.

Contact Details / PPR

The preferred method for requesting PPR is by using our simple webform.

The Tower can be contacted on 01252 471 300 (Option 2).

In emergencies when the airport is closed, management can be contacted by calling 01252 471 300 (Option 1) and allowing the phone to ring and divert through to a mobile.

Local Area & Noise Abatement

Please do not overfly any of the areas shaded in red at any altitude.

Diagram of ATZ and local area

When arriving from the North East, please position sufficiently to the west to avoid overflying Yateley and Eversley.

Click the diagram to enlarge. For an interactive map with satellite imagery, see our Google Map.

In order to safeguard the future of the Airfield, it is vital that all pilots pay due regard to these Rules and Procedures and avoid Hartley Wintney, Yateley, Eversley, Mattingley and Hazeley Heath.

Runway 25 Noise Abatement

On climb-out, a normal 500ft crosswind turn should ensure that overflying Hartley Wintney is avoided. On approach, pilots must take particular care to avoid overflying the housing estate to the north of the approach path.

Runway 07 Noise Abatement

On climb-out, pilots must take particular care to avoid overflying the housing estate on their left. Once at a safe height, a 10° turn to the south (right) will assist in avoiding noise sensitive premises. On approach, the base leg to finals turn should be made approximately over Star Hill (approx. 1 NM to the west), remaining well to the east of Hartley Wintney.

Circuit Procedures

  • Circuits are always to the south of the Airfield and are flown at 800ft QFE for most fixed wing aircraft.

  • For jets, turbo-props and IFR traffic, circuits are flown at 1,200 ft QFE.

  • Rotary wing circuits are flown at 800ft QFE typically inside the fixed wing circuit. All pilots should be aware of rotary traffic using non-standard circuits when using the Helicopter Training Area to the south of Runway 07/25.

  • Pilots must at all times remain north of the M3 motorway to avoid straying into the Farnborough ATZ.

Circuit Diagrams (click to enlarge)

Joining Procedures

  • The Standard join is overhead the Airfield at 2,000 ft. QFE. “Deadside” joins are also permitted, provided initial contact with the Tower has been established. Care should be exercised not to overfly the noise abatement area of Yateley except in an emergency.

  • Downwind, Base Leg, and Long Finals joins may be possible depending on circuit traffic.

  • Outside published opening hours (OOH), all aircraft must join using a standard overhead join making blind calls at the appropriate point in the circuit.

  • In the event of traffic conflicts, an early decision to climb into the dead side and reposition for the circuit may be necessary.

Runway 25 Joins

When on final for Runway 25, try to keep as far south as possible and avoid excessive use of power, keeping the housing estate to the right (north).

Turn Base Leg abeam Hawley Lake on the M3 to ensure circuits remain west of Blackwater. If aircraft ahead are establishing a wider circuit, do not follow, but reposition deadside or orbit as appropriate, and in communication with ATSU.

Runway 07 Joins

When joining or descending deadside, take care to remain west of Yateley. Follow the path of disused runway 14/32, keeping it to the left at all times.

Turn Base Leg abeam Fleet Services on the M3 to ensure circuits remain east of Hartley Wintney. If aircraft ahead are establishing a wider circuit, do not follow, but reposition deadside or orbit as appropriate, and in communication with ATSU.

Departure Procedures

  • Unless in an emergency, all fixed wing and rotary aircraft must not depart from either runway to the North over Yateley. Aircraft must first head west before tracking North once clear of the town.

  • If heading west, take caution to avoid overflying Mattingley or Hazeley Heath noise abatement areas.

  • Pilots are responsible at all times for ensuring that there is no conflicting traffic on the approach, and that the approach is clear prior to lining up. This is especially important if the pilot is operating outside published opening hours in accordance with the Out of Hours policy.

  • On leaving the circuit it is advised that first contact is to Farnborough Radar (125.250 Mhz) 0800-2000L.

Runway 25 Departures

If departing to the North or west, straight out departures are permitted with a turn either left or right to avoid overflying Hartley Wintney.

If departing to the South East, climb on the downwind leg and contact Farnborough Radar (125.250)

Runway 07 Departures

On climb out, a turn 10° to the south must be made to avoid Yateley.

Unless in an emergency, all turns must be to the south. To leave the circuit, climb on the downwind leg into the overhead.


  • If remaining in the circuit, aircraft should squawk 7010.

  • If leaving the circuit and intending to contact Farnborough Radar (125.250 Mhz), aircraft should squawk 0447.

  • If leaving the circuit and utilising Farnborough Radar Listening Squawk, aircraft should squawk 4572 and select 125.250 Mhz radio frequency.

  • If leaving the circuit and operating in the local area without contacting Farnborough Radar, aircraft should squawk 7000.

Taxy Routes and Visitor Parking

Most visitors will park on the grass. There are a number of bays located behind the Fire Station. Follow Taxiway E, keeping left at the fork (one-way-system) and then turn onto the grass following the yellow sign.

When leaving the grass parking, please always make a left turn due to the one-way system.

For hard standing visitor parking, this on the apron against the fence. The Fire Crew can assist with pushback if required. Please take care to park on the white markers.

Blackbushe operates an AFIS.  Aircraft may not taxy or commence any other ground movement without approval from the ATSU. This includes after vacating the runway, or after refuelling.


Blackbushe Airport stocks three grades of Aviation Fuel:

  • AVGAS-100LL

  • AVGAS-UL91

  • JET-A1

AVGAS-100LL is dispensed primarily from a static pump to the north of Taxiway Golf. Mobile bowser service is available only to aircraft parked on hard standing parking spots. The AVGAS-100LL bowser cannot be driven on grass as a condition of insurance, and the fuel company from which it is leased.

AVGAS-UL91 is dispensed from a static pump to the west of the main Apron.

JET-A1 is dispensed from a mobile bowser and is available only to aircraft parked on hard standing spots.

All refuelling is to be completed by the airport ground crew. They can be contacted on 01252 471 303 to request mobile bowser refuelling or found in the Fire Station for service on the static pumps. Airport users are not permitted to pump fuel from the airport fuelling by themselves.

International Flights - Border Force

All Operators are responsible for notifying UK Border Force of any applicable flights. Operators must notify Border Force using the General Aviation Report (GAR) report form. Blackbushe Tower must be copied on all notifications to UK Border Force.

GARs must be submitted to the National Crime Unit (NCU) via the following email address:


Or, AOPA offer online submission for a small charge:


Or, services such as SkyDemon or Rocketroute offer this within their subscriptions.

In all cases, Blackbushe Airport must also be provided with a copy of the GAR.

The requirements for reporting vary depending upon the route being flown:

DestinationDepartures (GAR Notice Required)Arrivals (GAR Notice Required)
Non-EU24 Hours prior to Departure24 Hours prior to Arrival
EU (except ROI)Not required4 Hours prior to Arrival
Republic of Ireland (ROI);
Northern Ireland (NI);
Isle of Man (IOM);
Channel Islands (CI)
12 Hours prior to Departure12 Hours prior to Arrival

International Catering Waste

Any flights arriving from outside of the EU must be aware of the International Waste Requirements. For further information, please see the GOV.UK website.

The ultimate responsibility for the disposal of International Catering Waste falls with the generator (the owner / operator of the aircraft).

Blackbushe airport provides a yellow DEFRA bin. This can be used to discard of any food waste originating from outside of the EU. Should you wish to use this facility, please notify the Airport Administration or Control Tower on arrival.