Noise and Circuit Information

Blackbushe Airport is committed to reducing the impact of noise from aircraft operating through our airport on our neighbours.  

Please note the exclusion areas must be avoided at all times.

The thick purple circles are Exclusion Areas.  Due to Noise, they must be avoided except in an emergency situation.

Also note the proximity of Farnborough ATZ and Odiham MATZ

All circuits to the South of runway at 0800ft QFE for light and training aircraft; at 1200ft QFE for twins and executive aircraft.

At night, the circuit height for all aircraft is 1000ft QFE.



Noise Complaint?

Please complete the below form:

Name *
(so that we can contact you for further information)
Date *
The date the noise activity occurred
Time *
The approximate time the noise activity occurred.
Please provide as much detail as possible, including aircraft registration, colour, markings, number of engines, as well as a detailed explanation of any manoeuvres it may have been conducting.

EGLK Airfield Layout

For more details, please see the UK AIP website



NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) Notices concerning the condition or change to any facility, service or procedure notified within the AIP. NOTAMs are available in the form of Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIB) using a live database.

Visit NATS Aeronautical Information Service website


Here are some more links to weather feeds of the surrounding area:

BBC Weather for Yateley

MET Office for Camberley

AccuWeather for Blackbushe


International Catering Waste

Any flights arriving from outside of the EU must be aware of the International Waste Requirements.  For further information, please see the DEFRA website.

The ultimate responsibility for the disposal of International Catering Waste falls with the generator (the owner / operator of the aircraft).

Blackbushe airport provides a yellow DEFRA bin. This can be used to discard of any food waste originatinf from outside of the EU.  Should you wish to use this facility, please notify the Airport Administration or Control Tower on arrival.