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Vision for the 21st Century

Foreword from the Managing Director

Our vision for Blackbushe Airport is an airfield that supports small aviation businesses as well as services for the community. We hope to create a centre of aviation excellence for small start-up and existing businesses in aviation to thrive.

Over the last 30 years there has been little to no investment in the airfield. We intend to set out plans for significant investment to enhance the range of activities at the airport, including improvements to existing infrastructure alongside new hangars and other aviation buildings being built.

We are willing to take a long-term approach to the planning and building as we take a multi-generational view of our ownership.  As a family we have had great successes in a number of different businesses over the last 30 years and we wish to put that into this airfield.

The plans outlined in this document will ensure that we not only sustain, but also increase, the number of jobs supported by the airport. This, in turn, will generate an even greater economic divided for the region. Economic success is a key factor to a lot of the investments made but given our long-term approach we know we need to support the local community and we would like to engage with them through education projects including the heritage of the site and the significant opportunities within aviation.

Cameron Ogden

Managing Director


This Vision document summarises the important wartime history of Blackbushe Airport and operations since the war. It explains the current state of and activities at the Airport and then sets out a coherent strategy for gradual rationalisation and improvement in order to bring Blackbushe into the 21st Century and secure its long-term future.

Please take the time to review the sections below to gain an understanding of the current facilities at Blackbushe, and our vision for delivering the Blackbushe of the future.