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Last Update: 14/02/2018

De-registration of Blackbushe Airport from Yateley Common

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Submissions on Behalf of Blackbushe Airport

Requirements of the Planning Inspector

As the Applicant, Blackbushe Airport was required to prepare a fully paginated and indexed inquiry bundle containing the documents listed in below. This was submitted on 5th February 2019 as required.

  1. A statement of case (see the Definitions section), being a written summary of the Applicant’s case (in numbered paragraphs), including, if any, copies of all the documentary evidence relied upon and a summary of any further legal submissions the Applicant intends to submit to the Public Inquiry. If the statement exceeds 1,500 words it shall be accompanied by a summary of that statement;

  2. A copy of the application including any location plans;

  3. Photocopies of any legal authorities (i.e. court judgements) on which the Applicant intends to rely at the Public Inquiry (whether or not referred to in the summary of the Applicant’s case); and

  4. Signed and dated proofs of evidence (see the Definitions section) of every witness the Applicant intends to call at the Public Inquiry, arranged in alphabetical order, containing (in numbered paragraphs) the substance of their evidence; any witness statement which exceeds 1,500 words shall be accompanied by a summary of that statement.

The Applicant’s inquiry bundle shall consist of a red file or files and copies shall be sent to:

  1. The Common Land Casework Team, Planning Inspectorate, Zone 3A, Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN;

  2. Two copies to the Referring Authority (Hampshire County Council).

    • The Referring Authority will make one copy of the statement available for inspection at the following address no later than six weeks before the start of the inquiry and make the second copy of the statement available for use by witnesses at the inquiry

      • The Commons Registration Authority, Hampshire County Council, Room 0.01, Castle Avenue, High Street, Winchester, Hampshire S023 8UL

  3. A copy to each of the Supporters, at the addresses provided

    • Mr Peter Brown

    • Mr Robert Belcher

  4. A copy to each of the Objectors, at the addresses provided

    • The Open Spaces Society

    • Mr Peter J Tipton

    • Mr David Ashworth

    • Councillor Adrian Collett

    • Mr John Burton

    • Councillor David Simpson

    • Eversley Parish Council

    • Mr Peter Hall

The Applicants Bundle

The supporters, Peter Brown and Robert Belcher were asked by Blackbushe Airport to submit their evidence as part of the applicant’s bundle, and so have not submitted separate bundles.

Copies of all documents contained within the bundles are available below for the review of the general public. Certain personal details like addresses, dates of birth, and signatures have been redacted as a precaution against cyber crime.

Whilst a copy of this bundle (as well as those of the objectors) will be available for review at Hampshire County Council, Blackbushe Airport will also make available it’s copy for review at the Airport Terminal Building by prior arrangement. Contact Us to arrange this.

Volume 1 - Blackbushe Airport Statement of Case & Legal Authorities

Volume 2 - Proofs of Evidence, Statutory Declarations, and Summaries (where required)

Volume 3 - Appendices to Proofs of Evidence

Volume 4 - Appendices to Proofs of Evidence (continued)

Volume 5 - Application Documents


Background and Application | Public Inquiry | Submissions on behalf of Blackbushe Airport | FAQs