Helicopter Sightseeing & Flight Experiences

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Phoenix Helicopters offer helicopter tours and pleasure flights from their home at Blackbushe Airport.  This includes sight seeing tours of London and the Thames Valley, as well as dining packages.

They hold a UK Civil Aviation Authority Air Operator's Certificate GB2387 which ensures they are highly regulated, and their pilots are trained and qualified to the same standards as those in the major airlines.

Fixed Wing Flight Experiences

Our flying schools offer “Trial Lessons”. These give you or your loved one the opportunity to take a flight in a light aircraft with a qualified instructor, and take the controls during the flight. There are opportunities for photos, and on some packages, friends and family can travel in the aircraft to. You can book these experiences online, using the links below.

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AirFirst offer Trial Lessons starting at £120.

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Blackbushe Aviation offer Trial Lessons starting at £97.


Topflight offer Microlight Trial Lessons starting at £70.

Disclaimer regarding Cost-Sharing Flights including those offered by Wingly

Blackbushe Airport is aware that some users of the airport make use of the Wingly platform to market their flights and to share costs.  This can be a great tool for pilots and passengers alike, to spread the cost of travel and to introduce new people to the private flying experience.  The CAA have declared these flights to be legal, as long as the pilot only shares direct operating costs, and is not operating for a profit.

However, it should be clear that some flights can be marketed in a similar fashion to those offered by sight-seeing companies or flying schools, and yet the actual service offered can be very different.  For those unfamiliar with aviation, such adverts can give the impression that the pilot is operating a regulated pleasure flight operation.

Any passenger considering taking a cost-sharing flight should consider the following:

  • Pilots from AOC operators such as those above will usually have a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). Pilots on cost-sharing platforms will typically have a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and will not have had the same training as CPL or ATPL pilots.

  • The experience of the pilot on the type of aircraft concerned can sometimes be very low.

  • The pilot may not be experienced in flying the route, or to the airports they are offering.

  • Light aircraft are more easily affected by adverse weather conditions, and a financial agreement may put commercial pressure on the pilot to operate the aircraft in poor weather conditions

  • The pilot may not be insured for the flight, and so if anything goes wrong, there may be no financial compensation

  • The pilot must only be sharing the direct operating cost of the aircraft, and must not be making any other financial gain from the flight.

  • Aircraft are all required to be airworthy, but maintenance programs between individuals and AOC holders can vary, due to regulation.

  • If you are in any doubt, or have any concerns around your pilot, aircraft or the cost-sharing process we would advise you to use a regulated pleasure flight operator. Blackbushe airport does not endorse any Wingly or other Cost-Sharing platform flights, and anybody participating does so at their own risk.