Blackbushe Development

De-registration of active airfield from common land.

Last year, plans were submitted to Hart District Council for the future development of Blackbushe Airport. These plans outlined the proposal to build new hangars, offices and a replacement Terminal facility on the south side of the airfield, adjacent to the A30. When this development proposal was presented to both Hart District Council and later to the Blackbushe Airport Consultative Committee, it was met with a favourable response. However, one concern that was raised in both meetings was the need to also satisfy the requirements of the Commons Act 2006.

Since then, the Airport has being reviewing these requirements and has determined that the only satisfactory way of doing this, is to seek to de-register the land that the airfield occupies, (see the map at, the airfield boundary is shown in as a dashed red line). De-registration of the land that the airfield occupies would allow the building works to proceed.

The area subject to the common land application, (the actual airfield), is the part of the land over which there is no free access to the public. It is an active airfield and safety concerns and requirements clearly prevent any uncontrolled access. The application area does not include the area to the north of the earth bank boundary. This is the area of the Common to which the public have enjoyed free access for many years, and includes the disused runways. There are no plans to apply to change this. In recent years, Blackbushe Airport has actively managed this area, in partnership with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Trust, for the good of the Common. This will continue.
In summary, the Airport only seeks to re-develop the airfield itself, to provide better facilities and to generate future employment for the area, without having a detrimental impact on the local community and its recreational activities.

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