Noise Complaints - Please Help Us!

Noise Complaints & Avoidance Areas

Noise Abatement Map 3.PNG

Please remember to pay proper care to avoid our noise areas.  If you are unsure, please ask the tower.

We generally receive more complaints when using Runway 07.  It appears there are three key drivers:

  1. Pilots extending the downwind leg, and turning close to, or over, Hartley Wintney. This might be to preserve a gap to another aircraft elsewhere in the circuit, or following an aircraft already established in the circuit wider than you might usually. Please remember in these situations there is always the option to re-position to the dead side and rejoin the circuit. There are a number of complainants in Hartley Wintney who are affected by this.

  2. When arriving from the North-West, follow disused runway 14/32 when joining the circuit for runway 07. Please ensure you position to the west of this runway, as drifting over into Yateley can generate complaints from residents on the south west edge of Yateley.

  3. When departing runway 07, please make a 10 degree turn to the south as soon as is safe to do so. This avoids several houses on the climb-out.

We have an interactive map you can use to really understand the noise abatement areas.  These have been unchanged since the 1980s, and it is an important condition of our planning consents that we continue to comply with them.

Thank you for your cooperation.  The less time we can spend on the phone to noise complainants, the more time we can spend improving Blackbushe, maintaining the UK's best aerodrome!