Application for Judicial Review of Common Land Deregistration Decision

Blackbushe Airport Ltd are disappointed to have received notice that Hampshire County Council (HCC) “the claimant” as Commons Registration Authority have sought permission for the Judicial Review of the decision of Inspector Alan Beckett to allow our application to remove land comprising the operational airport known as Blackbushe Airport from the register of common land (as part of Yateley Common CL24). The decision was made in accordance with the Commons Act 2006. The full decision can be found here.

The defendant in this case will be the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Blackbushe Airport intend to participate fully as an interested party in any proceedings that may follow, and will defend robustly the arguments put forward by the claimant. We also understand that the Secretary of State intends to contest all of the claim and have already produced comprehensive and robust arguments to this effect.

These proceedings will cause inevitable delays to our plans to rejuvenate the airport, and we estimate will involve substantial six-figure legal costs to participate. We anticipate that other parties to the inquiry will likely have similar costs.

We remain committed to securing the aviation future for Blackbushe Airport, and will update our Common Land Deregistration page as further updates become available.