Reduced Visitor Landing Fees

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At Blackbushe we are continually working to improve the airport facilities, as well as to encourage and support General Aviation. We’ve had a busy summer and have been pleased to meet and talk to many GA pilots, both at AeroExpo, and also those who have taken advantage of our discounted landing fee vouchers in Flyer Magazine, Microlight Magazine, and the LAA Magazine. We’ve listened carefully to the feedback and have understood that cost is a big factor in deciding where to visit.

We are therefore pleased to announce a reduction in our visitor landing fees effective immediately.

0-750 £19.20 £12.00 £9.60 £6.00
751-1500 £28.80 £18.00 £14.40 £10.80
1501-2500 £48.00 £30.00 £24.00 £16.80

All prices include VAT @ 20%

The price reductions represent a 38% reduction in the landing fee. A further 20% discount is offered when uplifting 30 litres of fuel. AVGAS 100LL is currently competitively priced at £1.80 including VAT.

Since under new ownership, Blackbushe Airport has taken steps to encourage General Aviation. This has included the introduction of a <750kg price band, as well as reductions for Landing and Parking cards. The new price list brings visitor landing fees down to a level not seen at Blackbushe in over 15 years. We hope these efforts encourage new aircraft and pilots to benefit from the excellent facilities and great service on offer.

Please remember to PPR in advance, by using our simple form, or by giving us a call.

For our full price list, please click here.