Reduced AVGAS 100LL Price at Blackbushe

Blackbushe Airport is pleased to announce a reduction in the AVGAS 100LL price from Thursday 17th May.

Fuel May 2018.jpg

The new price reduces the cost of fuel by 17 pence per litre from that offered throughout 2017, and represents a significant saving for residents and visitors alike.  This further builds on our commitment to General Aviation, and has been achieved by careful negotiation with fuel suppliers, and a re-organisation of the fuelling setup behind the scenes.

Blackbushe Airport is able to provide AVGAS fuel from either the fuel storage facility, or from a Mercedes mobile bowser on stand.  JET-A1 is provided on-stand from a Mercedes mobile bowser.  Rotors Running Refuelling was also introduced in late 2017 and can be provided to rotary traffic by prior arrangement.

Effective Thursday 17th May, the Blackbushe Airport fuel prices will be as follows:

AVGAS-100LL:    £1.42 + VAT per litre

JET-A1:                £0.75 + VAT per litre

Blackbushe Airport is open from 07:00 – 18:00 local, 7 days per week, with evening extensions possible between 18:00 and 22:00 local by prior arrangement.  Fuelling is provided from 08:00 local, 7 days per week, or at other times by prior arrangement.

Visiting aircraft uplifting 50 Litres of AVGAS 100LL benefit from a half price landing fee.

Blackbushe Airport is located on the borders of Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire, and handles over 30,000 movements each year.  This consists of a mix of training aircraft, General Aviation, and Business Aviation traffic.