Blackbushe welcomes Microlights back to the Airport!

Microlights Twitter.jpg

Blackbushe is pleased to announce that microlights are now able to operate at the airport.  Microlights were banned from Blackbushe in July 2017, but we are excited to announce that this decision has been reversed, effective immediately. 


Why were they banned in the first place?

Every airport is unique and has its own challenges.  At Blackbushe, we welcome a wide variety of aircraft types and sizes, as well as differing operation types, with GA enthusiasts, flying schools, private flights, and public transport flights.  Managing the mix of these aircraft, particularly during busy times can be challenging, and safety is of the utmost importance.  Managing the circuit can at times be demanding, and with noise abatement areas to the North, West, and East, the circuit pattern we have available to use is limited.  Following the Phenom Accident in 2015, a decision was taken by previous management to ban microlight aircraft from the aerodrome.  This was a fairly broad stroke and did not consider all of the factors at play; including the similarities that many microlight aircraft have with other aircraft that were still permitted to operate.


What's Changed?

With the new management team in place from late 2017, we undertook to review the previous decision, and put together a robust risk assessment for the re-introduction of microlights.  This analysis concluded that any risk associated with microlight aircraft over any other type was negligible.  It did highlight areas where we will be endeavouring to develop our circuit procedures. We will also improve information in order to provide better segregation of traffic, and clear processes for managing the introduction of a faster jet or turbo-prop aircraft to the circuit alongside slower GA aircraft.  We will be working through these with our resident flying schools and will communicate any changes when they have been finalised.


We are currently in the process of investigating how we can provide UL91 to our microlight customers.  We will update you once we have a suitable solution.


If you'd like to visit Blackbushe with your microlight, please use the online PPR form.