Airspace Restrictions

The Civil Aviation Authority has exercised rule 239 of the Air Navigation Order and implemented restricted airspace at the request of Her Majesty's Government. The resulting airspace restrictions are as follows:


Friday 13th July

Between 0000 UTC and 1745 UTC (0100 local and 1845 local) a number of areas will be subject to airspace restrictions.  There are 3 Charts that define the restricted areas and their applicable timings. 


Chart 4 This Chart shows the early areas to be affected and does not directly impact Blackbushe traffic, however, it does help to convey a fuller picture of the overall restrictions.


- Chart 5 This Chart is specifically applicable to Blackbushe traffic and highlights the Farnborough Restricted Airspace under which Blackbushe is positioned.  This area also highlighted in the Farnborough Restricted Airspace as Area 1 will be closed from 0730 UTC until 0930 UTC. (0830 local until 1030 local).  Area H which abuts Area 1 to the North is activated from 0900 UTC to 1030 UTC (1000 local to 1130 local).  No traffic is allowed to transit these areas at the time shown.  It can be seen from viewing Charts 4, 5 and 6 that the areas affected and their associated timings.


- Chart 6 This Chart while not impacting Blackbushe directly helps to complete the description of the areas that will be affected by the Restricted Airspace. 


It is the Pilot in Command's responsibility to adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the Air Navigation Order.  This information has been provided by Blackbushe airport as an aid to safe navigation.  It does not absolve you from your legal responsibilities to read the relevant NOTAMs affecting your flight and act accordingly.


As with all of the Restricted Airspace in place to protect operations during the Farnborough work up week and through the show itself, no traffic will be able to access routes directly to the South of Blackbushe.  Any traffic wishing to fly to the South must first route to the North West and contact LARS to establish an authorised routing prior to initiating a transit.