Blackbushe Airport is pleased to be participating in Flyball 2019


 The Flyball Navex Competition will be held on Saturday 22nd June 2019 and is organised by Popham Airfield, in association with the Airfields Operators Group.

  • Open to All Types of Single Engined Piston Aircraft

  • Classes for Fixed Wing, Microlight, Ultralight, and Rotorcraft

  • Starting at 10:00 from any participating airfield with up to 4 hours of flying fun!

  • You will be visiting participating airfields and concluding at Popham Airfield at 16:00 for a BBQ and prize giving.

  • Multi crew and solo awards to be won for the soon to be coveted Flyball Trophy

For an entry form please visit the Airport Fire Station, or download one here.

Entry £20 / aircraft

(£10 payable at the start airfield and £10 at the finish)

Flyball 2.PNG

Participating Airfields

  • Blackbushe

  • Bodmin

  • Brimpton

  • Compton Abbas

  • Denham

  • Dunkeswell

  • Duxford

  • Eaglescott

  • Goodwood

  • Land’s End

  • Manchester Barton

  • Maypole

  • Netherthorpe

  • North Weald

  • Old Buckenham

  • Popham

  • Rochester

  • Sandown

  • Sherburn

  • Shobdon

  • Tatenhill

  • More coming soon!

“Flyball” Navex Competition – 22nd June 2019 – Rules


This navigation competition is a scatter event with no fixed route requiring competitors to navigate between any number of participating airfields in any order provided the airfields visited are suitable for the performance and types of aircraft flown. Beginning at 10:00hrs from any participating airfield, the route is to be flown under the prevailing rules of the air navigation order (ANO) with pilots special attention drawn to individual airfield landing and departure procedures, including advanced briefing where required or requested. The event will finish at Popham where all competing aircraft must arrive before 16:00.


There will be awards for different classes of aircraft reflecting the different performances of different types:

  • Fixed Wing (solo)

  • Microlight (solo)

  • Rotorcraft (solo)

  • Fixed Wing (multi-crew)

  • Microlight (multi-crew)

  • Rotorcraft (multi-crew)

Competition Procedures

  1. An entry form may be purchased for £10.00 (i.e. 50% of the entry fee) on or before the 21st June 2019 from your chosen departure airfield.

  2. The entry form must be presented at the start of the event for signature not before 10am on the 21st June, the signature will confirm your departure time, not before 10am.

  3. You may now fly to any participating airfield that is suitable for your aircraft performance and on landing you must park, shut down and present your entry form to the acting airfield manager for signature. Then choose a unique numbered “Flyball” from those remaining in the receptacle provided. A selection will be available to choose from and you should choose the ball with the highest number which will be added to your final score.

  4. You may only visit participating airfields once during the day, with the exception of Popham where you may collect a second “Flyball” on your second and final landing of the day.

  5. It is forbidden for you or participating airfields to communicate the values of the remaining “Flyballs” to any other participant or airfield.

  6. Flying continues to any participating airfields throughout the day continuing to collect “Flyballs” after each landing, all airfields will have “Flyballs” for collection to add to your score, including Popham.

  7. The final leg of the competition will require you to reach Popham Airfield, the “finish” and land before 16:00hrs. Please note arriving after 16:00 may incur penalties or exclusion.

  8. On landing at Popham present your entry form together with £10 (i.e. 50% of the entry fee) and your “Flyball” collection for scoring.

This is meant to be a fun event, the random nature of routing and the unpredictable values (… reducing) of “Flyballs” provides an element of luck essential to the outcome. The first visitors to each airfield will pick up the highest scoring “Flyballs” but as the day progresses only lower scoring Flyballs will be available. Some pre-flight planning will be necessary to optimise your flight path and accurate navigation considering prevailing weather (winds) may assist/hamper your progress. Some skill will be required to make the optimum flight plan.

Blackbushe Specific Procedures

  • Aircraft must PPR online or by telephone prior to arriving at Blackbushe

  • Blackbushe will be offering 50% off the landing fee for participating pilots. Landing fees and any other charges must be paid prior to departure

  • Pay attention to the usual airport rules and procedures, in particular the noise abatement areas. Do not overfly Yateley, Hartley Wintney, or Eversley in particular


Entrants/Pilots and participants are entirely responsible for the safe operation of their aircraft but the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event at any time should weather at any of the participating airfields is reported unacceptable or closed for flying operations.